Democrat Runs Ad Saying Republican Will Take Cancer Care From Twins…Republican Has Twin Grandson With Cancer

Ben Allen, witf

Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania Lou Barletta believes that his Democrat opponent intentionally ran an attack ad against him about a twin child with cancer, because Democratic senator Bob Casey knew that Barletta’s own grandchild is being treated for cancer.

Barletta says that he told Casey about the child’s cancer treatment personally.

Casey then went ahead and made an ad saying that Barletta’s health care plan would negatively impact twins with cancer.

Casey pulled the ad in the Scranton market but kept it up elsewhere in the state.

If this truly was Casey’s intent, then Democrats have entered into a realm of psychological warfare on the campaign trail.

“For Senator Casey to use twins with cancer in an attack ad and say that I would deny my grandson health care is disgraceful,” Barletta said in a statement provided to Big League Politics.

“Does Senator Casey have any idea how his disgraceful attack hurts my daughter and my family, to use something as horrible as a child with cancer to win an election? This is everything that is wrong with politics. I personally told Senator Casey about the miracle birth of my twin grandchildren and the fact that at 18-months-old, one is currently being treated for cancer. For Senator Casey to use twins with cancer in an attack ad and say that I would deny my grandson health care is disgraceful. This is the lowest thing I’ve ever seen. Senator Casey should take down this disgraceful ad,” Barletta said.

The Senate race in Pennsylvania is red hot.

Lou Barletta shared the stage for a speech at President Donald Trump’s rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“Bob Casey voted in favor of deadly sanctuary cities, that released thousands and thousands of illegal alien gang members to prey on Pennsylvania’s streets,” President Trump said about Barletta’s opponent, the son of a former Democrat governor whose approval rating has sharply declined in the Granite State.

“How do you have such a liberal guy in the state of Pennsylvania?,” Trump asked, and a person in the crowd mentioned Casey’s father.

“He’s banking on the name of his father. That’s no good. That’s why he needs to be voted out office,” Trump said.

Here are some of the highlights of Lou Barletta’s speech:

“Four million Americans came off of food stamps.”

“There are more jobs than people who are unemployed, and I’ll tell you how good this economy is. This economy is so good even Colin Kaepernick found a job.”

“Who would want to stop that? Bob Casey wants to stop it. Bob Casey went to Washington and forgot about Pennsylvania. He became one of the most liberal senators in Washington.”

“He is so radical that he said he will vote no, no matter who the president nominates for the next Supreme Court pick. He started this craziness…”

“If you don’t like the way Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been treated, then you cannot reward Bob Casey and send him back to Washington ever again.”

“No veterans should ever or will ever die in waiting lines across this country ever again.”

“We’re going to put an end to illegal immigration. We’re going to build the wall. We’re going to kneel when we pray and stand for the flag.”

“No, Mr. President, we are not tired of winning in Pennsylvania. We’re going to win again in November.”


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