Democrat State Senator Releases Video Twerking For Votes

Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack showed off her ‘twerking’ skills on Chinese social media app TikTok.

Have our society’s morals gone out the window? Some may wonder if that is the case after a Rhode Island Democrat state senator drew controversy Monday when she released an online campaign video featuring herself twerking at the beach.

Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack (D), 28, posted a sexual video to her online TikTok account encouraging Americans  to vote for her called, “A promised senator thirst trap at Block Island.”

The video shows the state senator on the ground with her buttocks jiggling in the air before it cuts to her standing up, saying “vote senator Mack!”

Mack’s disturbing clip soon went viral on social media before it received backlash from Americans across the political spectrum. The state senator defended her actions and accused those criticizing her of only doing so because she is both black and ‘queer.’

“Damn. Twerking upside down really makes the conservative, unhinged internet accounts pop off on a Monday,” Mack said in a Monday evening post.

One individual chastised Mack for her actions on her Twitter post.

“I’m not a conservative and I’m disappointed. Where do we draw the line on the behavior of public figures? I like when WE have a standard of decorum that we want OUR people to rise to. To be UNCOMMON to be admired! This ain’t it,” the individual replied.

Mack responded to the backlash, writing, “girl. I have an Ivy League degree and am a state senator. Hate to break it to you. Their decorum isn’t for us. They can’t respect us in a system designed to oppress us.”

“Can the media cover any policy wins had by the youngest Black state senator in Rhode Island?” Mack asked on another post. “As a Black, queer woman you all should know the answer. It’s no. Let’s them carry on their narrative. Me? I’m going to be joyful, free, and unbothered.”

Included in Mack’s most famous accomplishments that she alluded to is her work with helping introduce sex education bill S2285 to the Rhode Island legislature, which would teach children ranging from middle to high school about “pleasure based sexual relations, different sexual orientations …[and] same-sex relationships.”

“Really excited for the house sex ed bill hearing later today,” Mack wrote before helping publicly push the bill last February. “Teaching comprehensive, queer inclusive, pleasure based sex ed was a highlight of my teaching.”

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