Democrat State Senator to GOP Staffer: ‘Kill Yourself’

A Democrat State Senator from New York is facing backlash after a lewd Tweet he sent to a GOP staffer Tuesday.

“It got to the bottom of this. The placard is assigned to . However, the license plate # on the placard does not match the vehicle. So he either used it in another car or gave it to someone to use, both of which are not permitted,” said New York Senate Majority communications director Candice Giove.

Giove was referring to abuse of placards giving special parking rights to those who hold them. Apparently, she caught Democrat Sen. Kevin Parker doing just that.

Parker was unhappy with Giove nosing around in his business, and responded crudely, to say the least.

“Kill yourself,” he responded to Giove’s Tweet.

The Tweet is now deleted, but the internet is forever.

Immediately after deleting the Tweet, he issued a half-baked apology and quickly went on the offensive.

“I sincerely apologize. I used a poor choice of words. Suicide is a serious thing and and should not be made light of,” he said in a grammatically poor sentence.

But then he attacked Giove in a rage, apparently angry that she made him look foolish several times over.

“Where was when NYers voted for a State Senate & progressive legislation like the Dream Act & CFE funding? That’s right, working with the appendage of the GOP. ,” he Tweeted.

Make no mistake – Parker is justifying his encouragement of a GOP staffer to kill herself by pointing out their policy disagreements.

“. is on the wrong side of history for every important issue facing New York State!” he said later.

The “wrong side of history” talking point is stupid to begin with. That won’t be decided for perhaps centuries, or at least generations. But at least Giove won’t be on the “side of history” that encourages violence against political adversaries.

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