Democrat Wants To ‘Close The Parks’ So Trump Can’t ‘Minimize the Consequences of the Shutdown’

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Betty McCollum, chairwoman of an environmental appropriations subcommittee, demands that President Trump “close the parks” so that people can’t enjoy the parks that the president is keeping open during the shutdown. Then, people will feel bad and blame Trump!

“I agree with my colleague that this administration, when it comes to our public lands, is making matters worse not better by choosing to keep some parks open during the Trump shutdown. This political attempt to minimize the consequences of the shutdown will only result in further damage to our national treasures and place the safety of visitors at risk,” McCollum said on the House floor Friday (emphasis added).

McCollum says fee-collection funds are not enough to keep the parks open with as much money as they should have. But it is pretty clear that she is only thinking about political optics as she says “Close the Parks.” (It doesn’t look like the guy behind her is buying her argument).

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