Democratic Congressman Introduces Gun Control Scheme to Allow Cities to Trample All Over Second Amendment Rights

Democratic Congressman William Lacy Clay is introducing a gun control bill that aims to reduce gun violence in urban centers like his hometown of St. Louis.

Despite obstacles in the Republican-led Senate and White House, Clay believes his bill, the Local Public Health and Safety Protection Act, can make it out of Congress.

This bill, which is co-sponsored by Congresswoman Robin Kelly, requires states receiving Department of Justice public safety grants to pass their own gun control laws. Clay said that Missouri is among 43 states with pre-emption laws that prohibit cities from having gun laws stricter than their statewide laws.

Clay believes that this measure is among many changes needed to address the so-called “epidemic” of gun violence in urban centers.

“In St. Louis and across the nation, we are faced with an ugly, obscene inescapable truth: Gun violence is a public health emergency,” the Congressman declared.

Clay added, “I’m tired of the violence, I’m tired of the excuses, and I’m tired of our state legislature being either unable or too frightened to do something about gun violence because they’re being held hostage by the NRA (National Rifle Association).”

According to the Congressman, this bill would allow cities to pass the gun control crowd’s favorite gun control measures such as universal background checks, ammo restrictions, assault weapons bans, and bans on large-capacity magazines.

Thankfully, the partisan makeup of D.C. is such that radical gun control schemes like Clay’s bill will likely not make it to President Trump’s desk.

The real battles anyways are fighting against the so-called “red flag” gun confiscation legislation, which happens to have bipartisan support.

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