Democratic-Run Cities Have an Alarming Homicide Rate Problem

According to a recently published study by WalletHub, researchers discovered that “homicide rates have risen by an average of roughly 10% in 45 of the most populated U.S. cities between Q1 2021 and Q1 2023, and are still rising.” 

The cities with the biggest homicide rate problems include Memphis, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Richmond, Virginia; Washington, DC; and Detroit, Michigan. Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge noted that Democratic mayors control all five cities. 

On top of that, researchers noted that murders were rising faster in Democratic-controlled cities than Republican-controlled cities. 

Durden also observed that Chidike Okeem, an assistant professor at Western New England University, said to the NYPost that defunding the police movements have created the conditions for the rise in such violence. 

“As a response to the social unrest, some officers have embraced ‘de-policing,’ which is the idea of not engaging in proactive policing practices in order to avoid increased scrutiny and censure. Without pronounced police presence, violence proliferates,” Okeem stated.

A University of Central Missouri Professor, Gregg Etter, asserted that no-cash bail was a significant factor behind the meteoric rise of homicide rates in prominent urban centers nationwide. 

“If you have a problem with police use of force in isolated instances, rather than deal with the problem or the problem officers, defund the police. This results in a less-effective police force, increased response times, lower police morale, and an increasing unwillingness by the police to engage in proactive policing,” Etter stated.

Homicide rates aren’t the only form of crime that’s increasing. Retail thefts and carjackings are also on the uptick. Due to the deteriorating conditions of American cities, businesses and people are fleeing these dangerous urban centers for greener pastures in pro-law & order jurisdictions located in red states.  

At the heart of a functioning economy, is a respect for the protection of individual life and private property. When a government fails to do that, criminals rule the day, thereby making it impossible for people to live in peace and conduct productive economic activity. 

The good news is that the US’s federalist system allows for jurisdictional competition that lets more pro-business jurisdictions compete for talent in blue states. At some point, the exoduses from blue states could be so pronounced that political leadership in those states may have to reconsider their pro-criminal policies.

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