Democrats are Running as Republicans for the 2020 Primaries

Vincent James of the Red Elephants YouTube channel claims that Democrats are unleashing a new plan to infiltrate the Republican Party.

According to the YouTuber, “They are full-throttle trying to run Democrats posing as Republicans in red districts with lower turnout in order to inch their way to a potential supermajority and to swing the party further and further left.”

During the video, James highlighted how Justice Democrats political consultant Zach Exley described this infiltration strategy as a “little bit of a hack”. The focus of this strategy is to win both Democratic and Republican primaries.

Corbin Trent, one of the cofounders of Justice Democrats, emphasized working “within the two existing parties” and “attack district by district looking for people that fit that culture of that district.”

Justice Democrats, however, tend to focus the majority of their energy towards primarying Democrats by running Hard Left candidates such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Groups like Brand New Congress are also employing a similar strategy, but they spread their focus to Republican districts.

In fact, in the Justice Democrats FAQ section, a distinction was made between the Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats strategy:

Brand New Congress has many of the same principles as us, but are attempting to recruit Congressional candidates to run as Republicans in red districts.

James also brought to attention a story about a Republican candidate, Chris Anglin who has been accused of being a “plant” by the North Carolina Republican party.

A News 13 report broke down the latest controversy involving this “Republican”:

A candidate for the Republican nomination in a still-vacant North Carolina congressional seat is suing the GOP after being barred from debates and access to internal party data. Republicans call him Democratic plant who last year cost them a seat on the state’s top court.

Anglin is upset with the way the State Republican Party has treated him, which News 13 continued to highlight:

Candidate Chris Anglin of Raleigh said Monday he wants a state court to force the state Republican Party to give him access to voter lists, calendars and other data already provided to nine others in the 9th Congressional District field. Anglin also has been barred from participating in Republican candidate forums or debates.

However, state GOP officials justified this move on the grounds that Anglin is not a real Republican:

The state Republican Party last year pointed out Anglin was a registered Democrat until changing his registration three weeks before filing to run for state Supreme Court. Then-state GOP Chairman Robin Hayes said after Anglin entered the race last month he was not a real Republican and would not be allowed access to GOP data, information, or infrastructure.

Last year, Anglin ran against an incumbent Republican, Barbara Jackson, on the Supreme Court and a liberal Democrat. By splitting the GOP vote, the liberal Democrat was able to win the election.

Going forward, this may be the Progressive strategy to make both parties lurch further to the Left.

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