Democrats Bet On Nationwide Abortion Backlash That Might Never Happen

According to an opinion piece by Megan McArdle of The Washing Post, the left is betting on an abortion backlash that may never happen.

Democrats have always assured themselves that if Republicans succeeded in the overturning of Roe v. Wade, they would quickly come to regret it when Americans went to the polls.

While this may have been a reasonable expectation considering numerous surveys have shown that the majority of Americans believe abortion should be permitted in some situations. Things are just not looking that bad for Republicans. 

Even with the SCOTUS draft leak, a recent CNN poll showed the GOP leading Democrats by seven points on the generic ballot, which assessed which party people want to control Congress. 

Of course, these findings could be a result of numerous reasons – like inflation, the Southern Border Crisis, etc. – but the fact that the a red “tsunami” is still expected for 2022 is incredibly telling despite Democrats treating the potential strike down of Roe V. Wade as their new-found end all be all.

In one example, Texas essentially prohibited abortion after six weeks of pregnancy last year. But even Governor Greg Abbott (R) is already well ahead of Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke. Showing that the new law, even as controversial as it has been nationwide, does not appear to be changing many voter minds.

As Megan McArdle put it in her opinion piece: This revelation on abortion is somewhat remarkable, even as abortion has recently morphed into “a political test” for politicians. With each side being essentially forced to voice their stances on the situation – and with Democrats in power accepting nothing less than on-demand abortion with no restrictions.

It’s worth noting that American attitudes about abortion differ. And it’s not always subject to party lines.

Regardless, the issue itself does not seem important enough to sway even moderate voters. Instead, they care more about the issues plaguing them on a routine basis under this administration.

For example, mothers are far more concerned about the ongoing baby formula shortage, just like how middle-class America is more worried about rising costs and gas prices that seemingly go unaddressed by the day.

It’s hard to see how the abortion issue will help Democrats in the long run when they’re so busy trying to convince everyone that Republicans are waging a “war on women.” But in actuality, it may very well be the Democrats who are losing this battle.

Not even a screaming, angry Elizabeth Warren is enough to ignite outrage like it is intended to. Because Americans have bigger issues to worry about. And they demand answers.


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