Democrats Call on Biden Regime to Declare Emergency as Illegal Aliens Zerg Rush NYC

54 elected officials in New York City sent a letter to President Joe Biden to tackle the massive influx of illegal aliens in the city, calling on him to declare a federal state of emergency so that the illegal aliens can legally work in the country.

“We are elected officials from New York City requesting your help. Our City is experiencing an unprecedented migrant influx, with a surge of asylum seekers arriving here in numbers never seen before in history. Our City is at a breaking point,” declared New York City Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar.

“We take pride in New York being a beacon of hope for immigrants, but the influx of migrants is so great that the City is running out of resources. New York City is being forced to reduce services for its people.”

Since the spring of 2022, the Texas state government sent buses of illegal aliens to New York City in an effort to show the city the detrimental aspects of mass migration. Many of these migrants aren’t the typical Mexican migrants that made up the bulk of migrants in previous decades. This new wave features Venezuelan nationals fleeing their country’s socio-economic collapse. 

Despite the city’s well-documented homeless crisis, NYC officials went out of their way to allocate housing for tens thousands of foreign migrants. 

The influx of migrants was so great that in October 2022, NYC Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency in the city. Per his office, the illegal alien influx could nearly double the number of people the shelter system needed to accomadate, and leave taxpayers on the hook for $1 billion within a fiscal year.

“We need help, and we need it now,” Adams stated. “New York City is doing our part, and now others must step up and join us.”

A federal state of emergency would grant federal agencies the power to work with and finance the housing and services for the illegal aliens.

“The federal government could then provide migrants with assistance such as shelter, food relief, healthcare, legal aid, and transportation,” Rajkumar declared in her letter.

On top of that, the 54 Democrat elected officials called on the Biden regime to allow the illegal aliens to work in the country.

“The federal government must expedite the issuance of Employment Authorization Documents. It is a common sense and bi-partisan fix. Asylum seekers are arriving eager to work, and our Nation has 10 million job openings with 3.5 million fewer people in the workforce than projected pre-pandemic,” the letter stated. “We ask that the White House take executive actions to expedite work authorization, such as classifying asylum seekers as refugees, expanding Temporary Protected Status, increasing access to humanitarian parole, and surging the number of officers processing asylum claims.”

The letter called on the federal government to make it easier for illegal alien invaders to cross the southern border, and to relocate them all over the nation, while providing further funding for New York City.

“While we welcome immigrants to our City, the current unstructured state of immigration policy and response needs to end. There needs to be a system of rules in place to manage the migrant crisis,” the letter added. “That is why we are pleading for the White House to step in and take leadership over the influx of asylum seekers.”

“We believe that with your leadership, we can turn this crisis into opportunity and that this can become one of history’s greatest success stories.”

The city is currently providing shelter to roughly 52,000 illegal aliens, and officials say more continue arriving on a weekly basis.

NYC is a sanctuary city where it will not cooperate with immigration enforcement officials to deport illegal aliens. As a result, the city and the broader state have become magnets for mass migration. 

This illegal alien influx will continue unabated due to Democrat’s fanatic commitment to their Great Replacement agenda, costs be damned. The plan to demographically displace the Historic American Nation through mass migration is an elite plot through and through. 

While working class Americans have to put up with increased crime and have their wages drop due to this massive surge in migration, these oligarchies benefit due to increased flow of cheap labor and the big profits that it generates for them. 

This entire mass migration experiment must be brought to heel if we want to have a recognizable nation for our posterity to enjoy.

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