Democrats Launch Ridiculous ‘Make Georgia Count’ Campaign Ad To Push For Their Vote-Finding

The Democrats in Georgia are running a ridiculous ad for their “Make Georgia Count” campaign, financed by the state party and approved by Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Republican Brian Kemp has been declared the winner of the election and has begun the transition process to power as Governor-Elect. Even by dragging the process out with lawsuits, the Abrams campaign is not statically capable of triggering a recount. (READ: National Review Calls It For Kemp).

Here is the ridiculous ad.

Here is what we reported on the “provisional ballot” numbers that came out of Fulton County on Election Day:

Bombshell numbers out of Fulton County, Georgia show that a vast amount of the provisional ballots submitted in the Democrat stronghold were rejected for being duplicate ballots.

Now, the Democrat Stacey Abrams campaign is pushing on Fulton County, running an entire campaign-style operation with phone banking, texts and email blasts to reach out to people who allegedly cast provisional ballots on Election Day.

Abrams’ search for provisional ballots may yield fruit, but her search for credible provisional ballots that can be counted in this election will prove futile. Why?

A full 1,811 provisional ballots in Fulton County were duplicates (49 percent), and 1,556 of them (42 percent of the total provisionals) were rejected.

Three of the individuals were not citizens, 581 were not registered to vote, and 972 did not live in that county.

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