Democrats’ New Russia Conspiracy Theory: Trump ‘Already Indicted’

With the so-called “Russian collusion” narrative falling apart with allegations of spying, political bias and investigative misconduct, the left is pushing a new conspiracy theory about President Donald J. Trump’s legal situation.

“A necessity to defend a criminal trial and to attend court in connection with it … would interfere with the President’s unique official duties, most of which cannot be performed by anyone else… To wound him by a criminal proceeding is to hamstring the operation of the whole governmental apparatus, both in foreign and domestic affairs,” says a speculative memo published by attorney Alexander Stern.

Since the investigation has not gone as planned, the destroy-Trump political apparatus has decided to gloss over the investigation wholly, instead jumping straight to conclusions in a misdirection attempt.

Stern assembled a panel of “legal scholars” to explore the possibility that Trump may already be indicted, and that Mueller, for the purpose of protecting the status quo and not interfering with Trump’s presidency (as if the investigation has not, and is not currently doing just that), has not gone public with the charges.

“Of course, the premise that no person is above the law is a sound one,” the memo says. “Yet, a prosecution of a sitting president is a course of conduct no prosecutor or court ought to take lightly… Further, the specter of the president taking time off from his critically important duties to defend himself from possible loss of liberty is also problematic.”

[A]n indictment might be filed under seal and the matter stayed until the President were out of office,” it continues.

“Rudy Giuliani has made international news by claiming it is unconstitutional to indict a sitting president,” Stern told Big League Politics. “The news here is that there is another side of the story. Mr. Giuliani’s opinion is just that. Other influential legal scholars have a different opinion.”

Nobody ever accused liberals – especially liberal law professors – of being bright, but this new theory is beyond the pale.

First, the same question remains about this theory as all the others: When the left is asked to produce any evidence that Trump has committed a crime, they say that that evidence is being held under lock and key by Mueller. The evidence is private information pertaining to a criminal investigation, thus the public cannot access it. So the left has no evidence that Trump committed any crime, but according to them, the presence of an investigation in itself is enough for Trump to be guilty of a crime.

Second, in an investigation that has more leaks than the Titanic, where journalists have actively worked with investigators to leak information, how is it possible that Mueller has kept the most stunning revelation – indeed the largest news story in modern American history – under wraps?

Third, as Trump continues a successful first term, Republicans hold a lead in the generic ballot for the 2018 midterm elections. This in itself is a remarkable feat. Usually the midterm election following a White House party shift goes decidedly to the party who lost the White House. If Mueller has any dirt on Trump, it is fair to assume that he and his decidedly partisan team would want to make it public for political reasons.

But these are all assumptions.

So, what is the actual update about Trump’s wrongdoing in the “Russian collusion” story? There is no update. Just more speculation and leftist conspiracy theory.

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