Democrats Plan 2020 Slogan Based On ‘Make America Great Again’

WASHINGTON — Democrats are planning to roll out a new slogan for their 2020 presidential campaign inspired by the “Make America Great Again” slogan employed by President Donald Trump.

The Democratic National Committee Unity Commission met Saturday morning in a bottom-floor conference room at Washington’s ritzy Marriott Wardman Park hotel to discuss strategies to recover from their 2016 electoral defeat. The top idea likely to be put into practice is a new “donor network,” similar to the Democracy Alliance donor network, that exclusively funds state parties.

But the most popular idea clearly came from a formal presentation by former Maryland Democratic Party chairwoman Yvette Lewis, who modeled her ideas on Trump’s strategies against Hillary Clinton.

“We need a theme. Donald Trump had Make America Great Again. It didn’t mean anything, but it was something that people latched onto,” Lewis said.

For Democrats, the theme will be “One America,” Lewis said.

“We need people to believe in America again,” Lewis said. “We, the Democrats, want people to believe in America again.”

The idea was roundly praised, as well as Lewis’ criticism that “We use too many big words.” Lewis said that Democrats should change their language “So they don’t think we are talking down to them.”

The DNC Unity Commission, featuring former Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver alongside Clinton campaign officials, convened Friday and Saturday to lay out new rule-making ideas and political strategies for the party.

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