Democrats Preparing New Coronavirus Committee to Grandstand Against Trump

House Democrats are set to create a coronavirus investigative committee through a Thursday vote, and leading House Republicans are predicting the entity will serve as little more than a partisan attack team to Monday-morning quarterback President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response.

Nancy Pelosi is claiming the committee, which will be formed through an emergency procedure, will investigate “waste, fraud, and abuse” within the federal government’s coronavirus response. But Republicans such as Jim Jordan believe that the entity will merely be a stage for Democrats to levy partisan political attacks against Trump, similar to sham “investigations” over Russian conspiracy theories and the cancellation of foreign aid to Ukraine.

This is just one more attempt by the Democrats to go after the president.”

Democrats are claiming the committee will investigate alleged improprieties in the dispersion of the $2.8 trillion in bailout funding delegated by the federal government in the last month.

Donald Trump or any other political leader did not create the coronavirus. Some blame belongs with the government of China for their coverup of the diseases’ severity in its initial stages, and the possible escape of the virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but every indication points to the disease originating naturally.

Weaponizing the lethal pandemic as a political prop, at the moment in which it continues to take thousands of lives a day and creates serious economic damages across the entire country killing American jobs, would potentially be a new low for the Democratic Party.

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