Democrats Push for YouTube To Restore Its Election Censorship Regulations

On June 22, 2023, Democratic elected officials pressed YouTube and its parent company, Alphabet Inc. to bring back election censorship regulations. This push came after Democrats were incensed by YouTube’s decision to lighten up its censorship policies towards videos that questioned the result of the 2020 presidential elections. 

Four leading Democrats of the United States House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee have been particularly vocal about YouTube having to change its policies. Ranking Member and New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone Jr., in addition to his cohorts, criticized YouTube’s move and demanded the tech giant retract this new stance.

In a letter sent to YouTube, the elected officials expressed their anger with YouTube, stating, “While you claim that taking such action is ‘core to a functioning democratic society,’ we emphatically disagree.”

They criticized the policy relaxation as dangerous and deemed it as a blow to American democracy. In sum, they urged YouTube to review this “harmful policy decision.” Democrats are angry that YouTube isn’t bending the knee to their progressive agenda of non-stop censorship.

Good on YouTube here. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t be too quick to praise YouTube. It’s still a massive tech company that often works against the interests of Americans. Hence, the need for constant vigilance of both the private and public sector. 

It’s the only way to ensure that our democracy is as healthy as possible. 

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