Democrats Refuse To Use The Word ‘Christian’ To Describe The Victims of Islamic Terror on Easter in Sri Lanka

A series of terror attacks in Sri Lanka, where Islamic extremists targeted churches and luxury hotels on Easter morning, has claimed nearly 300 lives, but Democratic leaders refuse to even acknowledge the Christians who were terrorized by the Jihadi violence.

Instead of mentioning the Christians who were murdered by Muslim terrorists, the talking point used by many Democratic leaders – including former President Barack Hussein Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – was that “Easter worshippers” were targeted by an “attack” committed by unnamed individuals.

The fake news media was also on board with the agenda to downplay the terror threat against Christians, showing that the talking point was ordered from the top before the attack even happened.

On the other hand, after last month’s New Zealand mosque massacre, the Democrats and their mainstream media partners tripped over themselves praising the Muslim community while assigning collective blame to white individuals.

Democrats have become more openly hostile toward Christians in recent years, as they work to force Christian bakers to perform services for homosexual marriages. They are also pushing for late-term abortion up until the point of labor, which is really just the legalized murder of babies.

Radical socialism isn’t the only sinister agenda harbored by the Democrats. They also want to destroy any memory to Jesus as they turn a once-Christian nation into a secular, postmodern wasteland.

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