Democrats Reject ‘Born Alive’ Abortion Survivors Bill for 46th Time

Chip Roy is furious with House leadership’s decision to not bring pro-life legislation up for a vote.

During a motion in the U.S. House, the Texas Congressman asked that a pro-life bill, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, come forward for a vote.

He demanded that the Speaker bring it up “for its immediate consideration”.

Much to his dismay, the bill did not go forward.

Roy went on Twitter expressing his frustration.

He said, “For the 46th time, @HouseDemocrats refused.”

Nevertheless, the Texas Congressman re-assured his followers that he and his colleagues “will never stop fighting to save these innocent babies’ lives.”

This bill addresses one of the more controversial aspects of the abortion debate. When a baby survives an abortion, doctors are expected to give it life-saving medical care. Doing otherwise, would be tantamount to infanticide. From Virginia to New York, this debate has generated enormous controversy.

Since the start of the year, Republicans in Congress have been working to sponsor legislation that would protect infants that survive a failed abortion attempt.

The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act is the bill in Congress that pro-lifers are rallying around this year.

According to Congressman Kevin Brady, a sponsor of this bill, “This common-sense law would hold accountable any medical professional who withholds care to the baby while giving the mother – the second victim of abortion – the ability to bring a civil lawsuit against health care professionals who do not take appropriate actions to protect this innocent life.”

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