Democrats Set to Offer Trump A Measly $1.3 Billion for Wall

Congressional Democrats are poised to offer a border wall deal to President Trump and Republicans that includes a mere small percentage of funds necessary to fully construct a ‘big, beautiful’ wall on the southern border.

Leading Democrats have said to arranged a deal with Republican legislators that would provide somewhere between $1.3 and $2 billion for the construction of barriers on the southern border. It appears that these funds would be earmarked for structures more closely resembling bollard fences than the wall that was President Trump’s signature campaign promise.

Estimates gauging the full cost of a comprehensive border wall usually price between $20 and $25 billion, leaving immigration patriots with a mere 10% of the funding required for its construction under the agreement.

The deal is being pitched as a means to avoid another costly government shutdown. If signed into law, it would likely only provide around 200 miles of fencing on the southern border, which spans around 2,000 miles.

It’s likely not a coincidence that Democrats insist on barriers that fall short of a wall. While fencing is an effective anti-vehicular measure, it’s likely the structures funded in the deal wouldn’t be designed to deter personnel from crossing the border, leaving America’s frontier insecure for the increasingly large groups of migrants freely crossing and requesting asylum.

Upon arrival in the United States, migrants would try their luck in the U.S asylum court system. Should they succeed in obtaining permanent residency, leading Democrats and migration advocates would reliably make a political push to provide them with American citizenship and voting rights.

The alternative of declaring a national emergency to construct a wall still remains a possibility according to the White House, enabling President Trump to avoid Democratic obstruction.

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