Democrats Shut Down GOP Amendment to Block Stimulus Payments to Illegal Immigrants

House Democrats shut down a Republican amendment to require a valid social security number for a second round of stimulus payments to individuals on Friday. The amendment would’ve prevented the payment of stimulus payments to illegal immigrants in a similar fashion to the first TrumpBux $1,200 check, which was restricted to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

The vote to dismiss the social security number requirement for stimulus funds passed by a margin of 11. Thirteen Democrats voted with the GOP to add the provision to the recession package.

The Democrats shut down the amendment to their Round 4 stimulus legislation, which advanced through the House on Friday. The legislation entails more than $3 trillion in economic relief spending, much of it funneled to state and local governments.

It seems unlikely that the House Democratic coronavirus package, which is chock-full of progressive policy goodies, has any chance of being taken up by the Senate and passed into law. President Trump said that the legislation was “dead on arrival,” citing the uniform mail-in ballot voting provision included in the bill that experts are describing as a nightmare scenario for voter fraud.

The bill also contains a whopping provision that would extend amnesty to millions of illegal aliens deemed by the Democrats to be essential workers. Employees of any establishment that serves food and drink would be designated essential workers by the legislation, and would receive an amnesty from immigration law.

Senate Republicans and the White House have signaled their willingness to consider additional coronavirus economic relief legislation, but fortunately it appears the plan to extend stimulus payments to illegal immigrants isn’t going to get anywhere.

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