Democrats Stonewalling Hunter Laptop Upload

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Democrats Stonewalling Hunter Laptop

Republicans are aiming to enter Hunter Biden’s hard drive into the online Congressional record. But as the evidence makes its way to the American people, House Judiciary Committee staffers are now claiming they’re unable to upload the damning materials. 

After the committee’s chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), initially objected to the contents of the hard drive being entered, he eventually ended his delay tactics — after a “consultation with majority staff.” But Democrats have other ways of obstructing our democratic process of representative government.


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who was able to get the contents of the laptop entered into the congressional record, now has the burden of printing hard copies of the documents, if he wants to ensure the information is able to be found by Americans online. 

After years of covering the story up, Democrats are still working to slow, discredit and twist the facts. The coverup isn’t over.

In late March, Gaetz delivered a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive with a reminder of the unanimous consent to submit the laptop from the day before and introducing the contents clearly to Nadler. The note explains that, “enclosed with this letter is a hard drive copy containing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

He did everything he could to avoid any institutional games being played with the truth. But this was a strategy he likely did not see coming.

This is how our country works now. If elected officials go through proper procedures to accomplish legal outcomes, unelected officials block the process. Try to replace them, and public unions or court rulings will block that process. It’s clear why these technical difficulties are arising — despite Gaetz’s office offering to provide the Judiciary Committee’s staff with any equipment needed.

If you didn’t learn it during Trump’s presidency, you’re learning it now during the Hunter Biden laptop scandal: the media and bureaucracy are arms of the Democratic Party.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) was recently discussing the Hunter Biden scandal when he declared that, “We have the laptop,” promising, that even without a special prosecutor, “we’re investigating it.”

Issa raised specific and troubling concerns about the national security implications that are being ignored by the media and — less surprisingly — the Biden administration: “All this at a time when he was so vulnerable because of his drug abuse that, uh, he’s exactly the kind of person that you recruit if you’re one of the agencies in China or Russia.”

Uploading the laptop is especially important in this age of Democratic disinformation. Even as the New York Times and other deniers are now forced to admit that Hunter’s laptop is real, Twitter and other mediums are being used as repositories for regime propaganda defending the president and his son from the explosive implications of what will soon be uploaded for all to see for generations.

Democrats Stonewalling Hunter Laptop

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