Democrats Tipped Off ‘Russia Hack’ Narrative in French Election

Emmanuel Macron, Facebook

Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Manchin tipped off that a “Russia hack” narrative could develop in the French election to damage nationalist Marine Le Pen’s chances of winning.

The globalist Emmanuel Macron campaign is claiming that its campaign materials were hacked and leaked, and the press is already drawing links to Russia.

Manchin asked at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing weeks ago if supposed Russian election-manipulators could intercede in France to help Le Pen.

Democrats and establishment Republican senators were considering alleged Russian manipulation in Donald Trump’s presidential victory in the United States, with one senator stating as fact that the Russians specifically targeted the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania in 2016. No evidence was offered to support the theory that Russians targeted those blue states that Trump won. It was never made clear in the hearing how the Russians could have possibly targeted those three individual states by using Internet methods. No evidence has ever been offered that any election machines were tampered with in Trump’s win.

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Nevertheless, Manchin stated his conspiracy theory aloud, alerting this reporter to the inevitability of a “Russia hacking” narrative in France.

Le Pen trails Macron in the run-off election with one day to go. If Le Pen wins, she will certainly face a Russia-themed witch hunt similar to the one endured by Trump here in the United States.

If Macron wins, globalists everywhere will use the opportunity to further batter the nationalist uprising that has spread through the United States and Europe in the post-Brexit Trump Age.


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  1. So did Emmanuel Macron’s campaign hire Brothers Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan as their IT staff ?

  2. Who knew the Russians were so f-ing amazing? China? No. North Korea? Not even close. Israel? Well, no. Iran, surely Iran. No. No. No.

    Russia owns the world! We can not escape. They’re everywhere. I’ll bet they’re in here. Damn it. I never should have posted this. Never mind. Delete. Delete. Delete. Not working! DAMN YOU RUSSIA!