Democrats To Paint Trump As Boogeyman Again To Scare Midterm Voters

Democrats realize the upcoming midterms are posed to be a “political bloodbath.” So they are falling back on the same dirty tactics that helped them regain power in 2020; blame Donald Trump for everything.

As Fox News host Jesse Watters shared on Wednesday, “Every culture has their own version of the Boogeyman. Spain has the Sack Man who carries away naughty children in a sack. Slavic countries have Baba Yaga, a witch who lives in the forests and eats humans. Wow. And Democrats have Donald Trump. And if you don’t vote blue, he’ll get you.”

With 214 days remaining until midterms, and 941 until the 2024 election, Republicans see this emerging boogeyman Trump narrative as a clear indicator of concern for the Democrat party.

But even party officials have admitted that it’s not clear whether the anti-Trump direction will be a winning strategy for the democrats like it was in 2020.

For example, during last November’s Virginia governor election, Terry McAuliffe tried to center his campaign message around the “dangers” of Trump. Only to lose to Republican Glenn Youngkin who notably focused on local culture issues instead. 

Youngkin was publicly endorsed by Trump, but he did not focus on that accolade from the 45th president during the final weeks of his campaign. Signifying that Virginia voters on both sides of the aisle were more interested in the issues facing the commonwealth than Donald Trump. 

All this was a clear miscalculation by democrats in hindsight. Now will the upcoming midterms be the same story?

This is what political correspondent Byron York had to say about the resurfacing anti-Trump strategy; “Now [democrats’] anti-Trump instinct has kicked in again — they don’t seem to be able to control it — and they again think that if they just hit Trump hard enough, if they just talk about him long enough, if they just make him the major focus of their campaigns, they can ride the Trump train to victory. We’ll see.”

The current scare tactics and inverted narratives from democrats don’t appear to be sticking with the public. Such as faulting Putin for the nation’s soaring inflation, and blaming corporate greed for the high gas prices on consumers (as referenced by POTUS in the tweet below).


This means Americans should be prepared for enhanced rhetoric from democrats in the coming months, as the party spends heavily in hopes of reshaping the narratives behind Biden’s political failings from the past year. 

As Fox News reported on Wednesday, political Ad spending in the past three months is already up 184% over the same period in the 2018 midterms. So Americans should expect similar hyped up emotional messaging as we head into an another election cycle that has Republicans favored.  

Never forget: There is no other name in politics that can infuriate a liberal more than Donald Trump.

Democrats may have no other choice than to abuse that power in hopes of holding onto their own. 


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