DEMS IN DISARRAY: Impeachment Vote Fails Miserably After Months of Rhetoric

The most concentrated effort in the House of Representatives thus far to impeach President Trump failed Wednesday, foiled by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The vote to introduce articles of impeachment was shot down, 332-95.

The vote was the third attempt from Texas Democrat Al Green to orchestrate Trump’s impeachment. 95 Democrats voted against dismissing the motion, but the 137 caucus members who obeyed Nancy Pelosi were more than enough to send the impeachment resolution to the dustbin.

Dismissing the impeachment articles represents a victory for the sitting Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, a mere day after she was exiled from the House floor for speaking out of turn and making outlandish accusations of racism against the President.

It’s unlikely the latest defeat of an impeach Trump resolution in the House will stop agitated Democrats from demanding the President’s impeachment. It’s unclear exactly why progressives such as Green see Trump as guilty of the high crimes and misdemeanors associated with the rarely-used motion, seeing as the Russia conspiracies espoused by Democrats for years have been debunked by none other than Special Counsel Robert Mueller himself for months now.

Impeaching Trump has ironically become a campaign issue for Democrats running for President, who seem to miss the redundancy of making Presidential impeachment a central issue in campaigns intended to replace him. Tom Steyer, the billionaire oligarch who’s raised hundreds of millions from unsuspecting saps on the premise of impeaching Trump, is set to wage a campaign for President on the backs of those who thought they were merely funding a milquetoast impeachment initiative.

In spite of his latest bid to impeach being shelved, Green stated that the President “will be impeached… people are starting to pay attention,” making it clear his repetitive gambits are little more than publicity stunts.

Democrats are set to repeat the stunt after Robert Mueller’s predictably repetitive testimony before Congress next week.

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