Dennis Prager Private Speech: “We Are in a Nonviolent Civil War”

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Dennis Prager believes that the United States is now engaged in a “nonviolent civil war.” The radio host and head of Prager University detailed the Left’s plans to destroy the nation-state in an evening speech before a group of Jewish conservatives at a California synagogue.

In a prevailing theme throughout his speech Dennis Prager lamented the tragedy of Secular Jews embracing leftism. Mr.Prager went on to call out the left directly saying, the “root of leftism is ingratitude.” He decried the left for having the audacity to call this country xenophobic.

Indeed in Mr.Prager’s opinion there is no parallel to what the left is doing to this country. Ironically according to Mr.Prager the left is the enemy of liberalism.

One consistent message throughout his speech was his anger at his fellow Jews on the left. In his own words “How do you support the left if you are a Jew?” He went on to criticize liberal American Jews who tell Israel what to do.

The left poisoned the younger generation. Indeed in Mr.Prager’s view we are engaged in a non violent civil war with the left. He also stated “Conservatives are nicer then Leftists.” He went on to prove this from the recent Kavanaugh saga. He has argued that accusations against Kavanaugh’s Democrat party have shed the blood of an innocent man.

Though Mr.Prager admitted to not being initially on the Trump train he aknowledges that “Trump is a great President. He accurately pointed out that what Trump has done as president is so unbelievable.

Despite the propaganda from the mainstream media to the contrary, Donald Trump is an extremely bright man.”

In Mr.Prager’s view “The left has never divided the world among nations.” The left believes the nation state is a bad idea.

Finally Mr.Prager went on to call out liberals for distorting Jewish theology. Indeed the left uses the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam or repairing the world dishonestly. They have weaponized the concept in order to attack America. For the left they worship at the alter of liberalism and Dennis Prager gets that.

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