Denver Cops Refuse to Protect Michelle Malkin and Conservative Protesters From ANTIFA/BLM Terror Rampage

Right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin and other conservative protesters were viciously attacked by an ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter mob on Sunday while Denver law enforcement sat idly by and allowed the rampage to take place.

Malkin eloquently made the point that cops need to step up and refuse to comply with leftist public officials who are actively demonizing them and calling for their destruction.

After the event, Malkin talked with Jeff Kuhner of WRKO in Boston to give her in-depth thoughts about the matter.

“I was manhandled, I was pushed, I lost a shoe, which is kind of comical in a sense, but there were so many things that failed,” Malkin said.

She said she has hosted dozens of patriotic rallies throughout her life and this is the first time that one had ever descended into this type of madness.

“The so-called peaceful protesters will put women in the front lines while they are coordinating the real bloody violence in a second line behind them,” Malkin said, describing the tactics of the marxist terrorists.

Malkin explained that law enforcement will not stand with the protesters putting their necks on the line to help them in most cases.

“I guess that’s the bitter cruel irony a lot of people are laughing about, but it’s a wake up call. Even – and especially – a rally to support police is not safe and will not be protected by police, and that is my big warning, Jeff, unfortunately,” she said.

The entire interview can be heard here:

Malkin has faced opposition from not just the police, but also the conservative movement itself because she refuses to back down while the forces of evil destroy America:

Conservative trailblazer has been feeling the heat after giving a talk at the America First PAC conference that ran parallel to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C on Friday, February 28, 2020.

Soon accusations of anti-Semitism and white supremacy were hurled at the Filipino American woman simply for advocating immigration restriction and questioning America’s relationship with Israel.

Gatekeeping conservatives were quick to throw Malkin under the bus.

Bethany Mandel, editor of the conservative website Ricochet, penned an article titled “The Fall of Michelle Malkin”, which questioned Malkin’s recent controversial statements on immigration and why U.S. taxpayers subsidize Israel to the tune of billions.

After Mandel posted this piece on Twitter, Antonia Okafor, the Director of Outreach for Gun Owners of America, responded to Mandel’s tweet.

Okafor Tweeted, “Ha! It took this article for me to realize she blocked me. Glad I stopped a Republican group here in Colorado from almost hiring her to speak. We have nothing to stand on if we can not stand for the Truth. They have the freedom to speak but not to identify as Republicans.”…

As controversial as Malkin’s ideas may be, they should still be engaged with.

Especially when considering how interconnected immigration is with Second Amendment policy.

For example, BLP reported that Hispanics (both migrants and their children) hold solidly anti-gun views. Should these trends continue in motion, the right to bear arms in America could be in jeopardy.

Now is not the time for conservatives to start purging or disavowing the dissidents within their ranks.

Conservatives should take solace that at least one popular pundit in Malkin is willing to fight for their values. However, she is an army of one as cowardice sweeps the nation with confused, stupefied and dumbed-down Americans lining up to surrender their liberties.

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