Denver Judge Refuses to Lower Bond on NBC Leftist Shooter Matthew Dolloff

A Denver, Colorado judge declined to reduce a bail bond on an unlicensed security guard who shot and killed a conservative demonstrator in the city in the employ of an NBC News affiliate channel.

A judge overseeing Matthew Dolloff is citing the extensive film and photo evidence capturing Dolloff’s shooting of Patriot Prayer activist Lee Keltner in Denver’s Civic Center. He’s citing the evidence as cause to keep Dolloff’s bond at $500,000.

The evidence of which the Court is presently aware appears to show that, at the time of the shooting, there was no danger from the victim that placed the Defendant or anyone else in imminent risk of death or great bodily injury, and that the victim was backing away from the Defendant holding a can of mace,” wrote District Court Judge John Madden IV in a six-page order.

The interaction between the Defendant and the victim, and the shooting itself, are captured by a series of clear, detailed, still-frame photographs mostly separated by fractions of a second. The precision with which the moment of the charged homicide is captured is unprecedented in the Court’s experience,” declared Judge Madden in a ruling likely to dampen Dolloff’s legal claim that he acted in self-defense when he shot Lee Keltner in the head. Dolloff had engaged in a brief scuffle with the Keltner, in which the latter slapped him in the face with an open hand before stepping back.

Judge Madden’s citation of the strong evidence against Dolloff’s claims of self-defense indicates that the likelihood of a conviction in a case is strong. He was formally charged with second-degree murder earlier this month, with Denver Police holding him in county jail

Big League Politics has revealed that Dolloff is a staunch ideological leftist, posting often on social media about his contemptuous views of Donald Trump supporters.

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