Department of Justice Preparing New Guidelines to Counteract Asylum Immigration Fraud

The Justice Department is proposing a new set of reforms to the United States’ immigration asylum system, citing the pervasive abuse of the system by illegal immigrants and its inability to resolve asylum claims in a reasonable timeframe.

The DOJ’s 161-page document proposing a wide range of reforms to the system was released Thursday. The reforms would create a new set of requirements for the processes utilized by immigration courts to resolve asylum claim, and would broadly make abuse of the system and reaching asylum claims more difficult.

The asylum system remains one of the most abused elements of the American immigration system. Illegal immigrants with dubious claims frequently use the byzantine nature of the nation’s immigration court systems to set up lengthy asylum processes, in many cases escaping into the country before authorities are cleared to begin deportation proceedings.

This proposed rule is a critical and desperately needed correction to our long-abused asylum process, which is now the weakest link in our border security system,” said Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Vaughn went on to break down the fundamental flaws of the asylum system, which essentially serves to give many human smugglers and illegal aliens a free card to enter the United States on the grounds of exaggerated persecution.

It doesn’t matter how great a wall we have and how great a job the Border Patrol does if anyone literally can just walk up to or across the line, claim a fear of return and eventually get released into the country, receive a work permit, and game the immigration court system to be able to stay for years without fear of deportation, whether they actually apply for asylum or not.

The new set of rules will be subject to a “public review” period for thirty days, after which the Department of Justice will nominally begin the process of implementing the reforms to the system.

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