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DEPOSITION: Roy Moore Accuser’s Lawyer Said She ‘F—d Everybody in Gadsden, Including Himself’

Leigh Corfman’s lawyer claimed she “f**ked everybody in Gadsden,” including himself.



Leigh Corfman Fucked Everyone In Gadsden

Eddie Sexton, lawyer to Roy Moore accuser Leigh Corfman, admitted having a sexual relationship with his client and claimed that she “f**ked everybody in Gadsden,” according to a court deposition obtained by Big League Politics.

Big League Politics has obtained transcripts of depositions of businessman Gary Lantrip testifying about Leigh Corfman attorney Eddie Sexton. The crux of the testimony focuses on the contents of a meeting held shortly after the failing Washington Post published a story suggesting Breitbart reporters attempted to bribe Sexton to drop Corfman as a client.

At issue is the existence of a recording of a meeting between two Breitbart reporters, Lantrip, Bert Davi, and Sexton.

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Bombshells coming from the Lantrip deposition include the statements affirming that Sexton had a sexual relationship with Corfman and had known her for “many years,” and that Sexton claimed that Corfman had “f**ked everybody in Gadsden,” including him.

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Another stunning statement from the deposition claims that Corfman’s father, a doctor, held “sex parties when [Corfman] was young,” and that Corfman was “put in with that as a young girl.”

Sexton also noted that he planned to drop Corfman as a client because he did not believe her claims, and at least one Breitbart reporter said that Sexton “Sat there several times talking s*** about his client [Corfman],” according to Lantrip’s deposition.

Even legal observers inclined to disbelieve Corfman’s claims are unfounded were shocked to learn even Corfman’s own legal team did not believe her.

“Leigh Corfman’s attorney didn’t believe her blatantly untrue claims, according to multiple individuals present at a meeting in the days after the baseless Washington Post story ran, but the Post still ran it,” said attorney Johnny Davis. “Furthermore, there’s a recording of the meeting where Sexton admits his client was not credible, and that even he himself didn’t believe Corfman and was planning on dropping her as a client.”

“Multiple witnesses confirm Sexton disparaged his client Corfman, and that he intended to drop her as a client,” said Davis, “so it is shocking that the Post failed to uncover this evidence that impeaches Corfman’s claims.”

“This is another example of the Washington Post’s total disregard for the truth in pursuit of a political agenda,” said attorney Johnny Davis.

This shocking deposition comes after Big League Politics discovered and released text messages from Corfman showing she had disdain for Christians, calling them “Bible thumpers.”

Big League Politics reported:

In a group text with four other people, Corfman said the following:

“Bastard. A morally defunct bastard… You forgot that part. I haven’t read the wsj article, but it blows my mind at the bible thumpers that come out of the woodwork when his name is involved. Disturbing to say the least.”

Texts from the other members of the group are redacted, and do not appear in the document. Names and phone numbers of the group members are also redacted.

Texts between Corfman and another friend seem to reveal that Corfman has skeletons in her past that she is hoping to keep under wraps.

“Please remember that anything I know is family. I will not repeat it to others. I hope all goes well for you. That is in your way back past!!!!” the friend texted.

The virulent text messages and the eye opening deposition statements together create an image of a woman who may have had no scruples about resorting to any means necessary to keep Moore out of office, and a legal team that could not work with their client in good faith.

Campaign 2020

Here’s Where Hispanics Will Play a Decisive Role in the 2020 Elections



In 2020, Hispanics will leave their mark in presidential elections.

During the present election cycle, Hispanics will be the country’s largest ethnic minority in a U.S. presidential contest. 32 million Hispanics will be expected to cast their ballots in the 2020 presidential election. They will make up 13.3 percent of all eligible voters. That said, the number of Hispanic eligible voters is significantly lower than the 60 million Hispanics who live in the country.

Nationally speaking, 62 percent of Hispanic registered voters identify with or lean towards the Democratic Party  On the other hand, 34 percent hold similar inclinations with the Republican Party.

Pew Research Center highlighted five key facts about the geographic distribution of the Latino vote for the 2020 presidential election:

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Here are five facts about the geography of Latino voters for the upcoming 2020 presidential election:

1 Two-in-three Latino eligible voters live in just five states. California alone holds roughly a quarter of the nation’s Latino electorate, with 7.9 million Latino eligible voters. Texas is second with 5.6 million, followed by Florida (3.1 million), New York (2.0 million) and Arizona (1.2 million).

2 Latinos make up the highest share of eligible voters in New Mexico (43%). The other top states are California (30%), Texas (30%), Arizona (24%) and Florida (20%).

3 Texas’ 20th Congressional District is home to 359,000 Latino eligible voters, the highest number of any congressional district in the country. Texas’ 16th, 34th and 23rd districts, and Florida’s 26th District, round out the top five, each with at least 321,000 Latino eligible voters.

4 California’s 40th District has the nation’s highest share (80%) of Latinos among its eligible voter population. Texas is home to the next four highest districts, where at least seven-in-ten eligible voters in each are Latino: the 34th District (79%), 16th District (77%), 15th District (73%) and the 28th District (71%).

In 26 congressional districts, Latinos represent at least half of all eligible voters. Most are in California (11 districts) and Texas (eight districts). Florida (25th, 26th and 27th districts), Arizona (3rd and 7th districts), New York (15th District) and Illinois (4th District) also are home to congressional districts that meet this threshold.

5 Only about half of the nation’s 60 million Hispanics are eligible to vote – the smallest share of any racial or ethnic group. While the Hispanic population has grown rapidly in recent decades, many are not eligible voters. More than other racial or ethnic groups, many Hispanics are young (18.6 million are under 18 years old) or non-citizen adults (11.3 million, more than half of whom are unauthorized immigrants).

Hispanics will be one of the key constituents that will play a huge role in American politics from here on out. Despite all the media hype about them being a reliable bloc vote because of the GOP’s  supposedly tough stances on immigration restriction, many Hispanics do in fact support tighter controls on immigration. Additionally, in certain crucial swing states such as Florida, Hispanics are beginning to head on over to the Republican side.

Trump’s national populism, not Hispandering, is key in making sure that Democrats don’t turn the Hispanic vote into a dominate segment of its coalition. All things considered, Hispanics will play a pivotal role in leading Donald Trump  to victory on November 3.

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