Depraved: Antifa Group Severs Pig Heads, Leaves Them at GOP Offices

A “revolutionary” communist group severed the heads of several pigs and then distributed them at GOP offices in Austin, Texas, first reported by Far Left Watch.

“After attacking five separate GOP offices, Antifa has escalated their extremist activities by placing severed pig heads at multiple polling locations and campaign offices in the Austin, TX area,” the report said. “This comes directly on the heels of the media accusing Republicans of “seizing” on the ‘angry mob’ mantra in order to generate a better turnout for the midterms.”

The Red Guards of Los Angeles group proudly Tweeted about their comrades’ depravity.

“Militants placed severed pigs heads and placards protesting the elections at polling places and campaign offices in and around  Austin,TX.  ‘Cruz and O’Rourke are imperialist pigs. Elections, no! Revolution, yes!’ ‘O’Rourke is an imperialist pig. Elections, no! Revolution, yes!'” the Tweet, archived here, said.

The Red Guards of Austin recently commemorated Mao Zedong’s communist revolution in a blog post shared on their Facebook page.

“In this blog post, they called for a boycott of the ‘bourgeois elections’ and advocated for organized revolutionary violence. In one part of the blog, they even called for the formation of a ‘Red Army’ that will destroy the existing state and replace it with a new authoritarian communist state,” Far Left Watch said.

According to the talking heads on cable news, none of this happening. The political left is absolutely not an angry mob calling for an armed, violent revolution in the streets, according to CNN and their ilk. One can only imagine that these groups are frustrated that the press will not take them seriously.

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