Dept. of Education Determines Allowing Biological Males in Female Sports is a Civil Rights Violation

The federal Department of Education has determined that it is a civil rights violation to allow biological males, called “transgender females,” to compete in school sporting events with biological females.

U.S. Education Department’s civil rights office came to the conclusion that allowing so-called transgender females to participate in athletics with biological females has “denied female student-athletes athletic benefits and opportunities, including advancing to the finals in events, higher level competitions, awards, medals, recognition, and the possibility of greater visibility to colleges and other benefits.”

According to the The Associated Press, who obtained a copy of the 45-page letter, it is dated May 15. It pertains to a complaint filed on behalf of teenage girls last year in Connecticut who alleged discrimination from being forced to compete with biological males in high school sporting events. The feds claim that Connecticut has violated Title IX rules, and the state could lose federal funding unless they change the policy.

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference does not seem to be budging on their stance despite the federal determination.

“Connecticut law is clear and students who identify as female are to be recognized as female for all purposes — including high school sports,” the athletic conference said in a statement.

“To do otherwise would not only be discriminatory but would deprive high school students of the meaningful opportunity to participate in educational activities, including inter-scholastic sports, based on sex-stereotyping and prejudice sought to be prevented by Title IX and Connecticut state law,” they added.

Roger Brooks, an attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom, says that the determination has broad ramifications and could protect the civil rights of biological women nationwide.

“Around the nation, districts are going to want to be reading this, because it does have legal implications,” said Brooks, who is representing the teenage girls who initiated the complaint.

“It is a first decision from the agency charged with enforcing Title IX addressing the question of whether males on the playing field or on the track are depriving girls of opportunities consistent with Title IX,” he added.

There is also a federal lawsuit that is currently active over this issue. One of the girls who was aggrieved due to these incomprehensible policies is pleased with the decision. She hopes this is the beginning of the end of institutional LGBT discrimination that is taking so many opportunities away from women.

“It feels like we are finally headed in the right direction, and that we will be able to get justice for the countless girls along with myself that have faced discrimination for years,” said plaintiff Chelsea Mitchell. “It is liberating to know that my voice, my story, my loss, has been heard; that those championships I lost mean something.”

The far-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who are in favor of the pro-LGBT status quo, is angry that the feds stood up for civil rights.

“All that today’s finding represents is yet another attack from the Trump administration on transgender students,” said Chase Strangio, who shills for trannies while leading the ACLU’s LGBT and HIV Project.

“Trans students belong in our schools, including on sports teams, and we aren’t backing down from this fight,” Strangio said.


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