Deputy Sheriff in Arizona Says Illegal Alien Crossings Have Risen Under Biden Administration

Illegal aliens are already beginning to pour through the US-Mexico border at higher rates under the newly-installed Biden administration, according to Arizona law enforcement.

Pinal County Chief Deputy Sheriff Matthew Thomas said in an interview that an influx of illegal immigrants has occurred not just over the past couple weeks, but over the past few months as well. It is likely that economic migrants, drug smugglers, and human traffickers realized Biden’s occupation of the Oval Office would mean an easier time getting across the border. Unfortunately they’re not wrong.

The Biden administration’s vow to leave Trump’s border wall project incomplete has led smugglers and other illegal aliens to funnel their operations through Pinal County, according to Thomas.

Thomas also notices a clear parallel between the Obama and Biden administrations vis-à-vis the border, claiming they use a more “hands-off” approach in which Border Patrol agents are not always deployed right at the border.

Pinal County is not a border county, but lying between the county and the Mexican border is an Indian reservation and wide open desert, meaning that a hands-off approach to the border allows smugglers and illegal aliens to come up through Pinal County without much difficulty or resistance.

For us, effectively, I-8 becomes the new border, and even the cartels will tell you that’s their goal line, because once they get there, they’re shooting west or they’re shooting east, and then they’re on a main interstate right into downtown Phoenix or into the hub of the outskirts of Phoenix, which then becomes the distribution point for everything, for the drugs, for the bodies,” said Thomas.

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