Deranged Attorney Lin Wood Attacks General Flynn and Sidney Powell After Being Accused of Grifting by Kyle Rittenhouse

Famed civil attorney L. Lin Wood is raging out against ‘Stop the Steal’ favorites such as General Michael Flynn and Kraken lawyer Sidney Powell after 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse accused him of letting him rot in jail as part of a fundraising ploy.

Wood whined that Powell was not vocally defending him against Rittenhouse’s accusations and hurled various accusations her way.

“I turned around slowly over the past few months and I documented who was holding the knife, Sidney,” Wood wrote in a Telegram post.

“You played me and you played the Patriots. I love you and as I said to you in a recent text, the TRUTH breaks my heart. But it had to be told for the long-term good of our nation,” he added.

Wood also accused General Michael Flynn of engaging in an “occult prayer” and complaining that Flynn would no longer return his calls before launching into some accusations consisting mostly of incoherent blather.

“I appreciate his comments below but I have to say that this is not exactly a ringing endorsement of someone he had claimed to be one of his closest Patriot allies,” Wood said about Flynn’s response to the Rittenhouse interview.

“General Flynn has not called me to discuss what he and Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas were working so hard on in November of 2020 at my property in South Carolina,” Wood wrote on Telegram. “I should have asked then. I am asking now.”

“I also wanted to follow up with Flynn on Pegasus and NSO. When we last spoke over a week ago, he told me that any articles about him receiving money from Pegasus were fake news. Was that the TRUTH???” he added.

Big League Politics has reported about Rittenhouse and his defense attorney claiming that Wood and his associate John Pierce kept him behind bars to milk his controversial case for fundraising dollars:

Kyle Rittenhouse defense attorney Mark Richards is taking aim at previous lawyers the Illinois youth hired to represent his defense, particularly internet conspiracy theorist and celebrity lawyer Lin Wood. Richards, speaking in a interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN, accused Wood and John Pierce of utilizing Kyle’s public profile to raise money.

Well, I had more worried about some of the other things that happened much earlier in this case. The Lin Woods, the John Pierces who were basically trying to I think whore this kid for money, for their own causes,” Richards said. “They kept him in Illinois to fight an extradition that was unwinnable cause they were raising tons of money on him.

Richards, who successfully argued for and secured Rittenhouse’s acquittal before the jury, also called Wood an “idiot” for arranging for Kyle to speak to the left-wing Washington Post before the homicide charges were adjudicated.

Before trial proceedings even ended, Lin Wood’s Fight Back legal firm tried to grab back the $2 million in bail funds well wishers had donated to secure Kyle’s release from jail to properly prepare for his trial. It goes without saying that these funds would be better utilized for pay for Kyle’s security and relocation needs, with the Illinois youth likely to incur significant expenses as he proceeds with a normal, everyday life.

Kyle’s official representatives have expressed their distaste for Wood, accusing the internet celebrity of using the case to promote the discredited QAnon religion and ignoring his primary duty to provide Rittenhouse with quality representation. Wood supposedly disregarded instructions to place funds raised for Kyle’s bail and defense into a bank account controlled by Kyle’s mother.

Wood still commands a fringe following, but it is becoming more obvious that he is toxic and deranged after failing repeatedly in legal challenges against the election fraud that occurred in 2020.

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