DERANGED: CBS Claims D.C Firefighters “Might” Be White Supremacists For Making “OK” Gesture

CBS News ran a story Thursday claiming that Washington, D.C firefighters recruits “might” be making a white power gesture- by making the famous ‘OK’ gesture in a class photo.

The story, first “reported” on by a Washington CBS affiliate, makes sensational and borderline defamatory claims about the recruit firefighters.

The CBS reporters dug up an old class photo of the firefighters where one of them was making the innocuous hand symbol. They then proceeded to launch a widely speculative witch hunt against them, reporting the “controversy” to the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

The municipal agency has now launched an investigation into the recruit firefighters for the fake controversy, raising a specter of a possibility that CBS could ruin careers and lives with their fearmongering and yellow reporting.

The ‘OK’ hand symbol, made by pointing up one’s latter three fingers and holding their thumb and index finger together, has been used by individuals across broad swathes of American society for decades, including notorious liberals such as Barack Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

A similar controversy was promptly shut down in December, when verified liberals tried to claim that West Point cadets were white supremacists for playing the “circle game” at an Army-Navy game. An investigation into the cadets vindicated them from the slanderous claims of elite media liberals.

Mainstream media operatives love nothing more than picking on easy targets with bogus, sensational accusations, using the playbook from infamous hate hoaxes such as the Covington Catholic incident with regularity. But the shutdown of the recent West Point hoax demonstrates the elite institutions the liberal media relies on for credibility may be tiring of their lies, leaving fake news purveyors such as CBS completely powerless in their endless quest to gin up fake controversies targeting American patriots.


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