Derek Chauvin’s Lawyers Play Clip of George Floyd Allegedly Saying ‘I Ate Too Many Drugs’ in Court

Lawyers for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin produced evidence in court of deceased serial felon George Floyd allegedly admitting he “ate too many drugs” to police shortly before his death.

During the trial on Wednesday, the lawyers played the clip of Floyd allegedly saying he ate too many drugs. The individual who was being cross examined at the time said that he could not quite make out what Floyd was saying.

The clip can be seen here:

This is the latest news that casts doubt on the entire narrative pushed by the media and the Democrats to foment racial tensions and give thugs carte blanche to rape and pillage cities nationwide.

Big League Politics has reported on other facts of the Floyd case, including the revelation that Chauvin never even put his knee on the serial felon’s neck to prevent him from resisting:

Photographic evidence produced during the murder case against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin shows that he restrained serial felon George Floyd by placing his knee on Floyd’s back, rather than his neck...

The Democrats, the fake news media, and even some weak cowardly Republicans continue to spread the falsehood that Chauvin asphyxiated Floyd by placing his knee on his neck…

This Big Lie has given Black Lives Matter terrorists the mandate to burn down cities in an orgy of destruction. If justice is served and Chavin is acquitted, more neighborhoods will inevitably burn as the rule of law is replaced by rule by mob...

America is falling to pieces under the yoke of multiculturalism. It may not be possible for certain racial groups to receive a fair trial in America before long.

More cities will burn if Chauvin is exonerated, if we are to go by the words of agitators that are promising just that. After the last year of torture and transformation under the new Black Lives Matter ruling class, we have every reason to believe them.

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