DeSantis Suggests Calling Child Protective Services On Parents Who Take Kids To Drag Shows In Florida

Sunshine state Governor Ron DeSantis has a fierce suggestion for parents who take their kids to drag shows; they ought to be investigated and have child protective services called on them for partaking in “child endangerment.”

As many conservative voices have pointed out, the left, alongside various other woke organizations, is pushing hard for Drag Queen and transgender events that feature children. This has been a key theme throughout this year’s Pride Month.

Some parents across the nation are finally fighting back against these indoctrination efforts, but now DeSantis wants to send his state’s child protective services to investigate and hold parents responsible for engaging children in these events.

Per NBC News: “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested Wednesday that he might urge the state’s child protective services to investigate parents who take their children to drag shows.”

“When asked by reporters whether he would support proposed legislation from a Florida state representative that would punish parents who take their children to such performances, the governor said he has asked his staff to look into the idea,” the outlet continued.

“We have child protective statutes on the books,” DeSantis said. “We have laws against child endangerment.”

“It used to be kids would be off-limits. Used to be everybody agreed with that,” DeSantis continued. “Now it just seems like there’s a concerted effort to be exposing kids more and more to things that are not age appropriate.”

As NotTheBee contributor Jesse James pointed out, calling child protective services on parents is “serious business.” Using these services is typically only used as a “last resort,” and is needed when “a child is in significant danger of some kind and the state needs to step in and act on the child’s behalf.”

James argues that this whole nationwide epidemic of including children in drag shows has risen to that level. And since no one else seems to be doing enough to combat this spike in child abuse across the country, DeSantis is using his elected power to be the leader conservatives need to fight against this growing monstrosity.

DeSantis’ comments came after the most circulated example from this Pride Month, which was a “Drag The Kids To Pride” event held at a bar in Dallas, Texas. It revolved around drag queens and children, with activities ranging from musical chairs to a sexualized show by the drag queens in attendance — which children took part in.

One of the signs on the bar’s wall at the event read, “IT’S NOT GONNA LICK ITSELF.” DeSantis commented that this kind of language is “totally inappropriate.”

“That is not something children should be exposed to,” DeSantis said on Wednesday “And so, we probably, we may have the ability to deal with something like [child protective services] if something like that happens.”

Other conservative voices have voiced similar arguments to protect children and combat gender transition topics, themes, and events that are “sexualizing children.”

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