DeSantis Will Campaign For TPUSA’s ‘Unite And Win’ Rallies In Support Of Trump-Endorsed Candidates

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is rallying the support of Trump-endorsed candidates.

Per Fox News, he will travel to New Mexico, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Ohio this month in support of GOP candidates as part of Turning Point Action’s (TPUSA) “Unite and Win” rallies.

The goal: “unite” the Republican party.

This is what TPUSA’s founder Charlie Kirk had to say about DeSantis’ participation:

“Gov. DeSantis is America’s governor and one of the most popular leaders in America, he has become the model for a new conservative movement that is willing to stand on principle and to actually fight on behalf of the values of his voters.”

“That he is willing to throw the full weight of his support behind Kari, Blake, and JD tells you everything you need to know about these incredible candidates who I endorse and support 100%.”

As Big League Politics reported last week, America First candidates were out in full force during Arizona’s Republican primary elections. As big-ticket candidates like Blake Masters, Wendy Rogers, and Mark Finchem disrupted the state that Biden won in 2020.

Notably, all three candidates were Trump-endorsed.

America First candidates are outperforming, which has many Republicans optimistic about the 2022 midterms and the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Especially considering the corporate press has already started smearing these candidates as “election deniers” and “Q-Anon linked.” Which is typically a good litmus test for whether the party is headed in the right direction.

When talking about Kari Lake who won every county in the Arizona GOP primary for governor, Kirk said: “[Lake] will be the Ron DeSantis of the West, and Blake and JD will help break apart the uni-party consensus in Washington D.C., to stop the endless wars, the runaway spending and put an end to the cocktail party Republicans who seem to be good at one thing only – betraying their voters.”

“Doug Mastriano has become a true champion of the grassroots in Pennsylvania and Rep. Yvette Herrell is poised to hold her critical seat in New Mexico’s 2nd congressional district,” Kirk continued, adding that sunshine state Gov. DeSantis has “the unique ability to unite conservatives around these candidates.”

Lake would agree with this attribute for DeSantis, as she has dubbed his leadership in Florida to be “the gold standard of bold conservative governance in America.”

So while America First candidates continue dominating the Republican primary space, DeSantis has chosen to embrace the party’s direction and call on more voters to unite together to defeat the Democrats in the upcoming elections.

Trump-endorsed candidates appear to be the ticket to victory, even though RINO Republicans like Liz Cheney would say otherwise.

Again, a great litmus test for the future of the Republican party.

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