DeSantis Will Have New ‘Rules Of Engagement’ For Mexican Drug Cartels If He Becomes President

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signals he will have new “rules of engagement” for Mexican drug cartels if he were to become President.

During an interview with Fox News’ Jesse Watters, the 2024 GOP presidential candidate shared “it’s worse than you think when you actually get down there.”

“They’re killing a lot of people,” he proclaimed.

The Thursday interview aired just after DeSantis made a trip to the Southern Border. 

When asked about his trip by Watters, DeSantis recounted that “there is a piece of wall that just kind of stops. So the guy just goes on the other side of where the wall ends, looks out, and he just motions for people to go.” 

“There’s no border patrol to be found,” he continued. “They’re in town processing people. And so they’re bringing product into our country.”


“We defend the territory of our own country.” DeSantis announced. 

Referring to his plan of action if he were to become President, DeSantis said “we’ll have military and everyone down there.” 

“If you are in the cartels cutting through our fence to bring drugs in, that’s going to be the last thing you do because we’re going to leave you stone cold dead. We are having adequate rules of engagement,” he concluded.

During the interview, DeSantis also stated that as president, his Department of Justice will go after elites who have also been playing by different rules.

Drug cartels have been bringing dangerous substances into the country at an “unprecedented” rate, which are making there ways into virtually every state. 

The mainstream media likes to turn a blind eye to the chaos and madness; pretending nothing substantial is really happening. But American’s know the real story, especially with the rise of overdoes from cartel products.

The Portland Police Bureau, for example, has warned about the spike in fentanyl incidents. Warning families to stay on high alert because the drug often looks like candy.

The Bureau has urged users to “immediately take extra steps to prevent children from accessing fentanyl or other controlled substances.”

In another instance, places like Washington state are seeing record-high overdoses. With a lot of that spike being attributed to the leftist vision for decriminalized drugs and soft on crime polices.

While Democrats routinely dismiss this crisis, DeSantis, like other GOP frontrunners including Trump, are signaling their plan of action for the failed Southern Border if they were to become president. And it’s becoming one of the biggest hot button issues during this developing race.

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