Despite Racist Ralph’s Admission, ‘Investigators’ Say They Don’t Know Whether Northam is in Blackface/KKK Photo

Despite the fact that Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam admitted that he was, indeed, photographed in either blackface or a KKK outfit in his medical school yearbook photos, an independent investigation claims that it could not determine whether Northam was indeed pictured.

“Investigators with a law firm hired by Eastern Virginia Medical School said Wednesday they couldn’t ‘conclusively determine’ the identities of either person in the 35-year-old photo,'” according to Associated Press. 

After Big League Politics exposed Northam’s racist yearbook photo, the governor admitted that he was in the photo, and apologized. The next day, he held a disastrous press conference, where denied being in the photograph, but admitted to wearing blackface on a separate occasion before attempting to moonwalk out of the presser. At the time, prominent Democrats in Virginia and around the country called for Northam’s resignation, only to back off when Big League Politics outed his deputy, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, as an accused rapist.

Since then, the party of “equality” and “women’s rights” has been oddly silent about the two highest-ranking Democrat lawmakers in Virginia.

“They also said they couldn’t discern how the picture was placed on Northam’s yearbook page, but found no evidence it was placed there by mistake or as a prank,” the report said. “The findings are unlikely to have a major effect on state politics or Northam, who has been trying to regain his footing for several months.”

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