Despite Removing Confederate Flag, Nikki Haley is Still Getting Attacked by Leftist Outrage Mobs

Establishment darling Nikki Haley caught major flak last Friday after she told conservative radio host Glenn Beck that the Confederate flag symbolized “service, sacrifice and heritage.”

She argued that Dylann S. Roof — the perpetrator of this atrocity — “hijacked” the flag’s symbolism.

Roof posed with the flag in several photos of the Confederate flag before killing 9 parishioners at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in June 2015.

During the podcast interview, Haley paid homage to the people who Roof slaughtered, calling them “amazing people.”

Nevertheless, the Left pounced on this interview and decided to use part of her comment to attack her online.

“Here is this guy who comes out with his manifesto, holding the Confederate flag and had just hijacked everything that people thought of,” she said on the podcast. “We don’t have hateful people in South Carolina. There’s always the small minority who are always going to be there, but people saw it as service, sacrifice and heritage. But once he did that, there was no way to overcome it.”

Immediately, her comments got people on social media riled up.

“Really, Nikki?!” Michael Steele, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, tweeted. He added that Roof “inherited” the meaning of the Confederate flag.

J.A. Moore, a Democratic South Carolina state representative, tweeted that Haley’s “continued use of this tragedy for political reasons is disgusting.”

In any historical context, people would be ready to defend their homeland from invading forces. Countless Confederate soldiers were not slave owners and only answered the call of duty. Societies across the globe honor their fallen ancestors regardless of the political nature of the conflicts they were involved in. Too bad, the Left doesn’t get that.

Roof’s decision to commit a violent act was abhorrent. Such actions should be punished with a swift execution to send a message to would be terrorists across the political spectrum that murder will not be tolerated in America.

But in these cases, it should not entail a kowtowing to the politically correct Left, like the way Haley did right after the shooting by taking down the confederate flag from statehouse grounds in 2015. Even by doing this, the Left was not satisfied with her actions back then and they’re definitely not satisfied by her recent statements either. The Left is always eager to take advantage of these situations to advance their iconoclasm and utter disrespect for American traditions. Give them an inch and they will most certainly take the mile.

The next step in this PC journey is to remove monuments of the Founding Fathers now that the floodgates are wide open for all forms of iconoclasm.

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