Detroit City Council is Working to Establish Gun Free Zones in the City

Towards the end of May, Detroit City Council member Mary Waters proposed the creation of gun-free zones in Detroit in response to growing levels of gun violence in and close to downtown Detroit.

Since its passage in 1990, the Michigan Firearm and Ammunition Act 319 bans cities from setting up gun-free zones in public spaces and council members are calling on state legislators to scrap the law.

The City Council passed two resolutions regarding the gun free zone. The first resolution demanded state elected officials to pass a Senate bill that would grant municipalities control over setting up gun-free zones on public premises and the second pushes for forging a gun-free zone ordinance that complies with current laws, which would require public or private events of 500 people or more that obtain a permit from the city to be designated as gun-free zones.

On top of that, the second resolution also calls for areas such as the riverfront, Greektown, Hart Plaza, Spirit Plaza and Campus Martius to be classified as gun-free zones. Carrying firearms in venues such as churches, schools, and stadiums is currently prohibited. 

Despite going for former President Donald Trump in 2016 and trending positively towards the GOP for a bit. Michigan appears to be descending down the blue path. This means gun rights across the state will be on the chopping block.   

Michigan is currently ranked in 25th place according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners rankings. As anti-gun policies start to be passed in the state, it will undoubtedly descend to New York or California status. 

The only way for Michigan to avoid this fate is for gun owners to stand up against Gun Control Inc. and start repealing all of the bad gun control laws on the books. 

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