Detroit School Board Is Trying To Re-Name Ben Carson High School

Members of the Detroit school board want to re-name Benjamin Carson High School, due to Dr. Carson’s accomplished service as Housing and Urban Development Secretary under President Donald Trump.

In fact, the school board member leading the effort to strip Carson’s name from the school cited the Trump administration as the reason. The board reportedly voted 6-1 to begin the process of deleting the famed neurosurgeon’s local legacy, but it’s not official yet, and it’s possible that the Carson school could still be saved.

Possible but not likely.

The Detroit News reports on the crisis: “Board member LaMar Lemmons had pushed to rename Carson school, which is named after the Housing and Urban Development secretary and former Republican presidential candidate who graduated from the district. Lemmons cited the neurosurgeon’s name being added when the district was under an emergency financial manager, saying some residents objected to Carson representing the city. Residents “don’t support the (Trump) administration,” he said.” Detroit News passage ends

So, let’s get this straight.

Dr. Ben Carson is a black man who became a history-making doctor, a presidential candidate, and a successful HUD Secretary, but politically-motivated school board members don’t think Carson’s name should adorn a school building in the crime-ridden city of Detroit, where educational scarcity is reaching crisis levels?

Meanwhile, Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, named for the Nation of Islam figurehead of the 1960’s, is just fine.

Welcome to America in 2018. Partisan rancor and disrespect for history.

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