DEVASTATING Trump Campaign Ad Exposes Joe Biden’s Pro-China Record

A new Trump campaign ad exposes Joe Biden’s shocking pro-China track record, exposing rhetoric that only seems tremendously obtuse in the midst of the global Chinese coronavirus pandemic and the authoritarian communist Chinese government’s economic predation of American jobs, industry, and wealth.

Watch the devastating new ad, ‘Biden stands up for China,’ here:

China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man.

Outsourcing to China has already cost America more than 3.2 million jobs since the transfer of American manufacturing industry to the country began in earnest in the early 1990’s, when traditional establishment politicians such as Biden advanced the notion of ‘free trade’ with the communist dictatorship.

The ad points out Biden’s blatant flip-flop on President Trump’s early life-saving travel ban on China, a common-sense move the former Vice President claimed was “hysterical xenophobia.” Biden has since changed his mind, admitting the early travel ban was necessary.

Joe Biden has supported virtually every single globalist trade deal designed to facilitate the transfer of American wealth, industry and intellectual property to China. It’s rather surprising that his track record as an advocate for American partnership with China hasn’t been a topic of concern within the Democratic Primary, with democratic socialist Bernie Sanders only pointing out his disturbing trade track record once or twice in passing.

Senator Tom Cotton has published ads of his own highlighting Biden’s anachronistic policy record on US-China relations, which seems far more suited to the electorate of twenty years ago as opposed to a general public broadly skeptical of China today.

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