DHS Dumping COVID-Positive Illegal Aliens Into Texas Cities

As the Biden regime and Center For Diseases Control call for continued masking, forced vaccination, and more for American children and citizens alike, the same government has allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to waltz on in with no questions asked. With a plethora of draconian travel restrictions for American citizens to follow, including the risk of being locked out of your own country for a positive COVID-19 reading on an unreliable PCR test, COVID positive illegal aliens have been freely pouring right in.

According to Border Report, busloads of illegal aliens are being shipped across Texas border towns, even though migrants have recently had a 10% COVID infection rate.

On Tuesday morning, Border Report witnessed two buses full of dozens of migrants being dropped off at the Humanitarian Respite Center. The aliens were first sent across the street for coronavirus testing by a non-governmental organization hired by Catholic Charities and paid for by the City of McAllen, costing around $97,000.

McAllen City Manager Roel “Roy” Rodriguez on Tuesday characterized the evolving situation in South Texas as dire.

“I think we’re at the worst right now,” Rodriguez told Border Report from his office at City Hall.

“They were literally at capacity and for the first time since I can recall, and I think ever, they actually turned some people away, which basically brings the issue that we’ve been trying to avoid now from the beginning and that is to have immigrants on the street, sleeping on sidewalks and so on,” Rodriguez said.

In another Texas border town, La Joya, police announced that a charity rented an entire hotel for COVID-positive migrants. They said they found out when a family, showing symptoms and staying there, ate at a restaurant next door. A customer took notice of this before informing a police officer.

The massive surge of over 1 million illegal aliens being recently ushered into the United States by the Biden Administration and many actors in the federal government comes as the CDC has recently called for more forced masking.

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