DHS Has Spent $455k To Build Fence Around Joe Biden’s Summer Beach Home

The Department of Homeland Security has spent $455,000 to a Delaware contractor to install a fence around President Joe Biden’s summer beach home in Rehoboth, Delaware.

The Cape Gazette, a local Delaware news outlet, was the first to report on the beachfront renovations on Friday. Turnstone Holdings, LLC is being paid $456,548 to install the fencing around Biden’s summer home by December 31st, 2021.

Biden has made frequent trips to Delaware as President, often leaving Washington DC amid political contention and popular criticism of his administration. In June, the Federal Aviation Administration set up a no-fly zone in the vicinity of the beachfront property, with the Coast Guard setting up a perimeter in the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s a time-tested practice of the liberal political elite to seek residence in exclusive gated communities and to wall off their own homes from the public, while fanatically opposing the notion of the United States government building a ‘big, beautiful’ wall on the southern border and implementing immigration restrictions to safeguard the quality of life, jobs and wealth of middle-class and working American citizens. Biden himself cancelled construction of President Donald Trump’s effective border wall, even going so far as to waste tens of millions of dollars that had already been paid to contractors to build new wall.

Record-setting amounts of illegal aliens have poured across the southern border during Biden’s reign on the presidential throne, with the federal government consistently setting them loose in American communities with little more than a request to show up at a court date that occur years in the future.

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