DHS Secretary Pledges to End ‘Catch-and-Release’ Policy Next Week

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan announced his department would end longstanding ‘catch-and-release’ practices that allow illegal immigrants to exit immigration detention almost immediately after being arrested.

McAleenan was speaking at an event of the globalist Council one Foreign Relations in Washington Monday.

The Acting DHS Secretary’s pledge could potentially be a game changer in terms of effective immigration enforcement at America’s border. It would end an inexplicable practice that has served as a draw for millions of illegal immigrants in the United States.

McAleenan claims illegal immigrants will now be swiftly repatriated within 21 days if they can’t lodge a credible claim with the asylum court system. Such an initiative is likely to incentivize even greater levels of asylum fraud, which has said to reach record proportions in recent years.

The promise to end catch and release is the second major change set into motion with regards to DHS’s illegal immigration processes in recent months. The Trump administration is seeking to revise the ‘family unit’ loophole enabling anyone with a minor to easily gain legal status, a battle that is currently held up in the court system by leftist kreitarchs. It ranges from likely to possible that a move to end catch and release will be met with similar obstruction.

McAleenan’s actual track record is less than stellar and the career bureaucrat is distrusted by many genuine immigration patriots inside and out of the administration. He’s fought to undermine Presidential directives on several occasions, even bizarrely requesting permission to attend a UN-sponsored event meant to celebrate illegal immigration.

It’s very much unclear if McAleenan’s promise to end catch-and-release is nothing more than an empty claim or a real commitment to combat illegal immigration. Only the Acting Secretary’s actions will demonstrate that. But if he intends to follow through on this pledge, a major draw for illegal immigration will be no more.

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