DHS Secretary Pushes for Amnesty and Increased Immigration as Supreme Court Maintains Title 42

Earlier this week the United States Supreme Court issued an order to keep Title 42 in place at the US-Mexico border. In response to this order, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is pressing Congress to approve President Joe Biden’s mass amnesty plan for illegal aliens. In addition, Mayorkas called for bringing in more legal immigrants to compete with American workers. 

On December 27, 2022, the Supreme Court issued an order to keep Title 42 — a public health order issued in 2020 — in place so that border patrol agents can quickly expel illegal aliens who reach the border. 

In a statement, DHS officials wrote the following:

We will continue to manage the border, but we do so within the constraints of a decades-old immigration system that everyone agrees is broken. We need Congress to pass the comprehensive immigration reform legislation President Biden proposed the day he took office.

This decision comes on the heels of a federal judge’s decision to strike down Title 42 in November. Subsequently, 19 states were able to successfully get Chief Justice John Roberts to issue an administrative stay in the previous week.

Open Borders Inc is relentless. Mass migration boosters will not rest until they’ve achieved their goal of completely demographically transforming the US through mass legal and illegal immigration. 

While the Supreme Court’s recent ruling should give us a sigh of relief, the fight is far from over. The cultural Left never backs down even after it faces defeats or temporary roadblocks. It continues pushing until it achieves its ultimate political goal. 

The Right must operate on an equally relentless basis and start crafting measures at the state level to build a parallel immigration enforcement apparatus in addition to a state-driven border security infrastructure. 

Moreover, a network of immigration patriot politicians must be firmly established so that key reforms such as an immigration moratorium, ending birthright citizenship, abolishing chain migration, and implementing E-Verify are passed. All of this will take hard work, but it has to be done given the high stakes of this political fight. 

Rest assured, if we lose on the national question, America will become just another of many lost civilizations.

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