Dianne Feinstein Says Americans are Obligated to Give Illegal Aliens Amnesty

California Senator Dianne Feinstein and group of Senate Democrats want mass amnesty for illegal immigrants already living in the United States.

This group of Senate Democrats asserts that American citizens “have an obligation” to give amnesty to illegal aliens living in America simply because they have “earned the right” to be in this country.

BLP reported that the House passed a mass amnesty bill last week, which saw Democrats unanimously vote in favor of it along with seven House Republicans. Now, Senate Democrats are urging the Senate to take up this bill.

This bill gives approximately half a million foreign nationals living on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) a pathway to American citizenship.  This bill would also provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens who claimed to have entered the U.S. when they were young.

Senator Cardin justified this amnesty saying that “These individuals have lawfully lived and worked in the U.S. as our neighbors, as they sought refuge in the U.S.”

Cardin added, “We have an obligation to take action and give needed predictability and safety to people who are in an uncertain status.”

The Democratic Party has embraced radical variants of mass migration, and for good reason. Certain statistics point to third world migrants being more receptive to leftist policies, thus making them a potential voting base to exploit.

The U.S. already admits 1.2 million legal immigrants yearly. Further expansions could cause tremendous social strain as seen in the European Union.

On top of that, this could open the floodgates for further illegal immigration as future migrants realize that their illegal acts won’t be punished. The prospect of amnesty could draw millions of migrants in, and many will play the waiting game as illegals.

Democrats recognize this and are looking for every way to pass amnesty.


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