Did Michael Cohen Stage The FBI Raid On His Own Office?

Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis, who is representing Michael Cohen, said that there is more information coming after the first release of a taped Trump conversation dropped on CNN Tuesday night.

The nothinburger tape did not show any wrongdoing by Trump, who paid off multiple women so their claims — some unsubstantiated — would not affect the election results in 2016.

Mike Allen, who apparently does his gossip column for a site called Axios now, reports: “Lanny Davis — a lawyer for Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer and fixer — tells me that, following last night’s release of a secret Trump-Cohen recording, we’ll soon learn more ‘about what Michael Cohen saw and heard.'”

Cohen of course is on the president’s bad side now, and it seems likely to some observers that he staged the early-morning FBI raid on his own office because he was cooperating anyway and he wanted Trump to think that he was being persecuted.

Most Trump supporters have no problem with the fact that President Donald Trump previously may or may not have had sex with some models or porn stars. Stormy Daniels reportedly privately admitted that she never had sex with Trump. The sketch of the man who allegedly intimidated her after the alleged affair looked exactly like her now ex-husband, another porn star, prompting Trump to tweet that the whole thing is fake. Much of the media is a scam, Trump said.

That’s certainly true of CNN.

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