Dinesh D’Souza Trolls Obama: “Felons can’t vote. But pardoned ones can”

Conservative author Dinesh D’Souza has had a good year under President Donald Trump after being pardoned for a small campaign finance violation in 2012, which was only pursued as political revenge because of his anti-Obama, pro-America views.

And his year just got even better after posting a Tweet that’s sure to infuriate former President Barack Obama, and the entire political left.

In a Tweet, D’Souza posted a picture of himself with an “I Voted” sticker, with the text “Felons can’t vote. But pardoned ones can.”

D’Souza also tags President Donald Trump, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, seeming to indicate that he voted for the latter figure.

After being pardoned earlier this year, D’Souza was able to regain all of his rights. The move was almost certainly only possible with a President like Donald Trump, who isn’t afraid to use his pardon power to help those mistreated by the justice system.

Since being pardoned, he has used Twitter on multiple occasions to pardon his political enemies who he was unfairly treated by.

Right after being pardoned he taunted Preet Bharara, the rabidly anti-Trump U.S. Attorney who prosecuted him, and later got fired by President Trump for being a bald-faced Democrat political activist.

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