Director of Mass Migration University Considers Citizenship to be a “Social Construct”

The executive director of Freedom University believes that borders are not legitimate, citizenship is “ridiculous,” and the nation-state is outdated.

Freedom University takes pride in exclusively aiding illegal alien students and taking radical stances on mass migration.

On Monday, September 9, 2019, Campus Reform reported that St. Olaf College in Minnesota hosted an event featuring Freedom University’s executive director Dr. Laura Soltis and Arizbeth Sanchez, the university’s Community Engagement Coordinator,  to give a talk titled “Solidarity In A New ICE Age.”

Borders are not completely legitimate, citizenship is “ridiculous,” and the nation-state itself has no place in the future, according to the executive director of one Georgia university.

Before declaring that the world would be a better place without borders, the group started the hour-and-a-half long speech by giving some background on Freedom University’s work. Freedom was formed in response to Georgia’s policy that allows for illegal aliens to receive free K-12 education, but does not allow them to attend the state’s public universities.

Before launching into declarations that the world would be better off without countries, the group began their hour-and-a-half on stage by providing some background on the work of Freedom University. Freedom was founded as a response to Georgia’s policy dictating that illegal aliens are entitled to free K-12 education, but may not attend the state’s public universities.

The school has built a notorious reputation for taking “direct action” against Georgia’s state government. This consists of civil disobedience and teachers joining illegal aliens “risk[ing] arrest.” Soltis boasted to the St. Olaf attendees, faculty, and staff about her arrest record and her community engagement coordinator’s rap sheet.

Soltis shared the school’s anti-citizenship ideology. For the Freedom University director,  the definition of citizenship is “completely arbitrary”  and is only because “we happen to be born within these man-made borders, right? What a completely ridiculous way to define citizenship, right?”

“I urge us to think creatively and courageously about a world in which there aren’t borders, right? John Lennon sang about this in ‘Imagine,’” she commented before encouraging the audience “to think of ourselves not as citizens of the United States.”

The executive director then showed a U.S./Mexico projector image, telling the St. Olaf audience to “look at how kind of silly it looks.”

“This border has created so much anguish and pain and separation among families, but another world is possible,” she declared. “Nation-states are relatively new for humanity, right? They should not exist, [and] they aren’t necessary in the future.”

One of the steps in Soltis’ plan to undermine the nation-state is to give illegal aliens a new, political identity.

“For undocumented folks [at the school], they no longer think they’re illegal or criminals, but it becomes a new political identity which they can organize around and find a sense of pride in who they are,” she stated.

A Campus Reform correspondent was in attendance during the question and answer section of the talk and asked Soltis if her organization acknowledges “the legal legitimacy of borders, immigration law, or agencies like ICE which enforce said immigration law.”

The director initially responded by stating that Americans are living on “stolen land” that was seized from Native Americans. She then said that she “partially” recognizes the legal legitimacy of borders but prefers the “natural” borders of formed by “mountain ranges” and “rivers.”

She scoffed at the idea of citizenship, believing that it is merely a “social construct.”

Freedom University is not an accredited school and only offers a variety of services to illegals such as “college preparation classes, college and scholarship application assistance, and movement leadership training for undocumented students.”


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