DIRTY POLITICS: Team DeSantis Spreads Nefarious Lie about Prominent Trump Supporter Alex Bruesewitz

Prominent MAGA advocate and Trump backer Alex Bruesewitz is being slammed with vicious lies from Team DeSantis on social media with baseless allegations being spread that Bruesewitz is a tool for hostile foreign governments.

The deception started with a post from commentator John Cardillo, who inferred that Bruesewitz was an “unregistered foreign agent” for appearing in a social media photo with a Turkish diplomat where he promoted Trump’s America First economic policies:

Cardillo followed up by doubling down on the unsubstantiated claim:

Reports have indicated that Cardillo is one of the social media influencers who is in the tank for DeSantis as the Florida governor attempts to astroturf a social media groundswell heading into his imminent run for the presidency in 2024.

Former DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw, who is expected to be a key player in DeSantis’ imminent presidential campaign, commented on the fake news circulated by Cardillo, indicating that the hit on Bruesewitz was ordered from the top:

Pushaw is a notorious shill for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the genocidal World War 3 cheerleader who has thrown his own people into the meat grinder in a vain attempt to protect his flimsy, illegitimate regime.

Before DeSantis hired Pushaw, she was a foreign agent working for a deposed ruler in Georgia who had fled to Ukraine and had been given a cushy government position by his crony, Zelensky.

Christina Pushaw received $25,000 between 2018-20 working for former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili helping the disgraced politician with propaganda efforts meant to rehabilitate his image.

“Her efforts included writing op-eds, reaching out to supporters and officials, and advocating on his behalf in Georgia and in the United States,” Pushaw’s attorney Michael Sherwin stated.

Saakashvili was finally jailed for corruption last year after fleeing his country in exile. Zelensky had previously named Saakashvili chair of the executive committee for the Ukrainian National Reforms Council, putting a foreign ruler plagued with corruption charges at the helm of combatting corruption in Ukraine. This is the type of “statesman” who DeSantis’ top mouthpiece admires.

The rabbit hole of Team DeSantis and their subversive agenda to bury the MAGA movement is deep and dark, as evidenced by the recent coup at Project Veritas against James O’Keefe, which was led by a pro-DeSantis surrogate and blatantly excused by other prominent DeSantis supporters:

Matthew Tyrmand, a political consultant on the fringe of the America First movement, has gained a considerable amount of infamy for being the primary force pushing James O’Keefe out of Project Veritas…

Considering his hawkish foreign policy beliefs, it should come as no surprise that Tyrmand is a major opponent of Donald Trump’s run for the presidency in 2024, ignoring blatant election fraud in the midterms, and claiming that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis must take the mantle from Trump within the Republican Party.

“The red wave did not materialize…because of many issues, but I actually think the big one was Trump… You know, Trump is now at a point where he just announced [his run for presidency] two days ago. He was going to announce before the election, which tells you a lot of what his mentality is, it’s about me, it’s not about the Republican Party, it’s not about the country,” Tyrmand said on Rock Rashon after the midterms, claiming DeSantis will defeat Trump in the 2024 presidential primary.

Tyrmand appeared with a host of conservative influencers at DeSantis’ Inaugural Governor’s Ball in January where he made unhinged remarks against Trump while possibly under the influence of various substances. 

Tyrmand does not appear to be a lone wolf in his opposition to O’Keefe among the DeSantis flock. Other pro-DeSantis commentators on the Right have come out to defend the coup against O’Keefe, as his ouster from Project Veritas shapes up to be a proxy battle in the Trump vs. DeSantis war for the soul of the American Right.

Expect many more attacks on conservative America First heroes in the months to come from establishment surrogates like Tyrmand, who are all coalescing behind DeSantis as their man to stop the MAGA revolution and convert the Republican Party back to Bush-ism and neoconservatism.”

Bruesewitz is getting flak because he is over the target. The DeSantis coalition is exposing itself as a sinister establishment-backed façade to drive the Republican Party back to globalism on behalf of the elite RINO donor class.

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